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COVID-19 Pro Bono Program

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, life has been stressful for everyone for many reasons, fear of catching it, social distancing, layoffs, to name a few. How long can a person live in isolation and uncertainty without going insane? 

Here at UltimateLove Counseling and Coaching, we understand how depressing it can be to have no outlet for your frustration, anxiety, and stress. That’s why we are offering this COVID-19 FREE Coaching Program as a way of saying we care and want to do our part in contributing through this time of need.

This COVID 19 Pro Bono Coaching Program includes:

We are happy for the opportunity to help meet the need of the public during this difficult time in hopes that, in some small way, we can make a difference in the well being of individuals all across the world.

This is completely FREE so reach out for your first appointment today.

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