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We work with a wide range of relational issues common in a romantic relationship.

The services we provide span from premarital counseling to individual therapy for anxiety/depression, to divorce/breakup recovery, to marriage/couples counseling.

Below is a list of our counseling services.

List of Services

Anxiety/Depression Treatment

You get weekly sessions of solution-focused and evidenced-based therapy designed to reduce anxiety and elevate your mood. This treatment helps you develop coping skills to manage your life circumstances. It incorporates mindfulness exercises to help you reduce stress and promotes personal empowerment. Reach out for a FREE 30-min phone session today.

Premarital Counseling

This 8-week program uses the Prepare/Enrich (P/E) tool, one of the most widely researched relationship assessment, to work with premarital couples. Click here to learn more about Prepare/Enrich.  Counseling sessions are conducted by our certified P/E facilitator, to equip couples with insights and evidence-based skills to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling marriage. Schedule your FREE phone session now.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Do molehills turn into mountains when you try to talk to your spouse? Are you weighed down by yet another unresolved argument and can’t seem to move forward? It’s time to work with a licensed therapist on issues like communication and respect, to resolve mistrust and contempt, and move towards healing and fulfillment. This process will start with an assessment of your relationship and treatment would be tailored accordingly. Book your FREE phone session today.

Divorce Counseling

So you’ve decided to go your separate ways, but it seems so impossible to talk to each other about so many important issues like children, finances, living arrangements ect… commit to 6 weekly sessions of counseling and gain insights into the divorce process, from filing to dividing assets to custody of the children. Best of all, you will have a professional therapist facilitating your communication to ensure that you part on the best possible terms.

Break-up Recovery

This treatment offers once-a-week therapy sessions that help you get unstuck and reclaim your life. We will work to turn fear, anxiety, and self-doubt into confidence, stability, and attraction. It is designed to provide support while equipping you with the strength you need to start building the life you’ve always wanted, one that will eventually attract the ultimate partner and have you love again.

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