8 Questions to Deepen Your Relationship

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Whether someone is already in an established relationship or just starting a new one, many people crave more intimacy. There are certain intimate questions we can ask of our significant other or a potential partner. These questions not only help us understand a person better but will also connect us more deeply and affectionately. In fact, asking these questions of ourselves improves self-knowledge giving us a better understanding of our own desires.

When the following questions are asked at the right times, it can instantly deepen your relationship. The questions are invasive in nature, so it’s wise to participate in them yourself. If you’re merely asking someone these questions and moving on without having answered them, it can seem like an interrogation. I’m no Marvin Gaye but I’m pretty sure being interrogated doesn’t feel sexy or intimate for most people. However, on the plus side, your vulnerability from also answering your own intimate questions may induce the same level of disclosure in your partner who could then feel comfortable sharing something with you they weren’t before.

Be sure to elaborate and expand on each question for your most passionate intimacy building possible.

Do you have a proudest moment? A least proud one?

What do you like best about yourself? Least? This is a good follow-up to expand on proud/least proud moments.

Anything frustrating you these days?

Are you aspiring to anything?

What are you thinking about these days?

Looking back on your life, are there regrets? What would you do about them now if you could?

What do you have the most confidence in from your life? Least?

Is there something you’re scared of that you feel comfortable telling me?

You can cut the tension in the air with a knife these days. With such higher-than-normal stress levels this winter, it may be wiser to keep things light and positive; superficial. Talk about sports, movies, new TV shows incoming, holiday gifts, the kids’ achievements thus far; anything practical and modest. But these 8 questions can reveal private thoughts ultimately yielding a more rewarding relationship for you and your special someone.

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