Heidi Nguyen, M.A., LMFT #118561

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Certified Relationship Coach

HEIDI explains...

We all want to love and to be loved, but are you loving someone when you do something for them in order to fulfill a need for yourself? It is human to have needs, but it’s also human to love. The question is: how can we get our needs met and at the same time unconditionally love someone?

The answer to this question takes us to the ultimate love, the type of love that enables us to feel whole and complete. This is the love that is foundational of all love , the ultimate goal of all searching souls, and the foundational focus of our work here at UltimateLove Counseling & Coaching. What is this UltimateLove? Heidi explains in this short video.  

Our Mission

At UltimateLove Counseling & Coaching, our mission is to improve all aspects of people’s lives by first improving their relationships.

The health of our relationships, whether personal or professional, is often overlooked in terms of our daily health priorities checklist. That is not by accident! Relationships are complicated and messy. It is so much more difficult to navigate the challenges of a relationships than fix a broken leg, for instance. While experiencing a broken leg can be painful and caring for it an inconvenience, you will take the time and set a plan in motion to deal with it.

What about your relationships with those who matter? Your significant other, your kids, your boss etc… Everyone wants peace, joy, and connection in all their relationships, but interactions with others have their ups and downs. Where do we go for that? What cast is there to fix a relationship issue? What doctor does someone go to when they fought with a spouse and the word “divorce” was mentioned? 

It is beyond dispute that many aspects of our lives are positively affected when the health of one area is improved. At UltimateLove Counseling & Coaching, we are steadfast in the belief that the most profound and wide-reaching effect on all aspects of our lives is the improvement of our relationships. This is especially true of our romantic relationship. When you change your relationships, you change your life.

Try as we may to work on relationships on our own, our best will still leave the best of us, at times, in despair with bouts of doubt, loads of anxiety, and a quest for sanity. So when it’s one, several, or all of your relationships that are in trouble, who is there to help you through the turmoil? Our goal here at UltimateLove Counseling & Coaching is to help you navigate those relationships through the difficult times. Better is possible and we are here to help.

You may be seeking to improve your relationship with a spouse. You may want to get along better with your boss. Maybe you are looking to break some barriers with a child so that you can remain an interactive part of their life as they continue to grow. There are many relationships you may desire to improve.

Working with our therapist through either counseling or coaching will ensure that all your relationships receive the attention and care they deserve. With Heidi’s extensive experience in treatment of anxiety, depression, and relationship issues through counseling and coaching, you can rest assured that your relationships will always bear the most beautiful fruits of your labor. We will strive, right along with you, to ensure that you thrive.

About Heidi...

Heidi Nguyen, M.A., LMFT#118561
Certified Relationship Coach

Heidi is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 8 years of experience working with individuals and couples on relationship issues as well as anxiety and depression. She is conversant with both counseling techniques and coaching skills. She is a mother of 2, now adults in their 20’s, who struggled with depression, anxiety, and substance use in their teenage years. 

Having successfully gone through the difficult years of parenting troubled adolescents and navigating a difficult marriage, she offers first-hand expertise, deep understanding, and a genuine desire to help those going through similar life struggles. 

Heidi approaches therapy using evidence-based techniques and with a focus on solutions. She is known for her personal empowerment work in equipping clients with the tools they need to not only overcome difficulties, but also to thrive in life there after.

She is well trained in relationship coaching and has over 4 years of experience helping singles challenge their limiting beliefs, set clear achievable goals, and find their partner for life. Couples come to her for work on communications, building trust, and co-creating bliss together.


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