What is UltimateLove?

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UltimateLove can be understood as the harmonious integration of two fundamental aspects of human existence: love and relationship. These two concepts may sometimes be thought of as one since historically they have been experienced as inseparable. And, yes, ideally we want to have love and relationship be experienced in unity, especially in the case of romance. But, for this to happen seamlessly, it is important to understand a very clear distinction between the two: love is unconditional, while relationship is conditional.

Love is unconditional. It is pure. Love transcends circumstances and expectations. It remains steadfast and unwavering irrespectively of the actions, choices, or conditions of the recipient. Unconditional love is characterized by acceptance, compassion, and empathy. Love is without boundaries. It exists without demanding anything in return, embracing others for who they are without judgments or conditions.

Relationship is conditional. It is based on the mutual requirements, agreements, and expectations between individuals. Relationships are specified and labeled with different descriptions such as monogamy or polygamy, depending on different conditions agreed upon. Boundaries are often drawn for the protection of relationship success.

When we look at these concepts in this way, it seems impossible to have them co-exist in a connection, but with some awareness, integration of the two is not only possible, it is quite often achieved in conscious coupling. When this happens, it is a co-creation of the UltimateLove experience.

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